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In 2013  TheSecretPoetSociety® released ANTHOLOGY International 2013 Volume 1. The publication includes famous quotes about poetry and literary arts from historical figures and features selected work from 33 worldwide poets along with bios and pictures. The anthology was created for, is promoted for and available for free. Click on the download icon and may your journey be endless.

* this publication is dedicated to poets everywhere 

TheSecretPoetsSociety®  was established in 2009 as a multi media publishing network, event host and performing arts promoter founded in Charlotte, NC. 

Since beginning it has been the mission of the SPS "... to unite poets of all background and genre of poetry. To publish the unpublished, give voice to poets, writers and musicians and unite the world one rhyme at a time."

In the constant development and fulfillment of this mission the SPS has published multiple anthologies, newsletters video features and many other forms of multi media and publication while hosting more than 100 featured showcase events along with it's famous open mic nights delivering more than 50 first time poets, lyricists, mc's, singers, songwriters and musicians.

The S.P.S. along with its many affiliates look forward to the continuance of living up to this standard.  

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ML Tuck

Grey Revell

Anthony Whipple

Morgan Drains & Drum Village

Justin Nicholson

Jahson Oshita

Eve Madison

El Issa Minkah

Jason Hilliard & Friends


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